Monthly Archives: May 2014

While since pdated this. Mostly because of MotoGP. Do you know if you have Foxtel MotoGP and it’s sub categories is literally on for four days straight?! You can watch everything it is brilliant!! Would totally recommend getting it, far far better than free to air even before they took it off. So yeah MotoGP and I am celebrating because apart from a certain phenomenon called Marc Marquez Valentino Rossi did amazing personally and with his Moto3 team. So happy fan. I would have liked to see Vale win but come on Marc had his 10O race win/podium in front of his home fans and that is very special. Person I did feel sorry for was Jorge Lorenzo it was his birthday and no podium which was sad. So yeah other than that and beginning watching Fargo which is brilliant oh god please watch it and finishing Endeavor season one. Urgh season two started yesterday in Britain you lucky things! So jealous. I haven’t really set the world on fire. I nearly set my caravan on fire cooking up a cauliflower cheese toasted sandwich though….