F1 China.

Good old Formula One commentators. You can always rely on them to make some completely homoerotic statement. Such as this gem…

“Oh Fernando will start to feel it now that Ricciardo is hard up behind him!” -.-  o.0 =.= 

How can they not know what that sounds like! 

God I LOVE them. Brilliant. 

Race was actually quite good. I only fell asleep twice…god I want my MotoGP!!!! The bikes are soo much better! 

But seriously good race. The best part by far was Sebastian on radio and  wonderful to see Lewis Hamilton get his hat-trick of wins.

Ah my poor Kimi…one day. 


4. Wow a follower!

I think I have follower! Thank you. Or…I might be following myself somehow just like on my Tumblr.

Watching Prince George visit the bilby enclosure at zoo. Never thought him very cute but he is now.  I love the Royals. Nice to see them in Australia.

At my uncle’s for roast dinner…pork with crackling. I have been vegetarian for over two years so it not so exciting.  But love visiting them anyway. 

3. Easter

It is Easter Sunday. I totally forgot so this morning I did not have the hot cross bun prepared. Had toast. But I finally woke up after checking fb. So have now give gran and K their chocolate. K packet of Easter MMs is very cute and actually unlike regular MMs taste nice. She wanted them because they are orange. Marc Marquez rides an orange Honda. I also gave her a chocolate cupcake.

Now because it is Sunday she is giving the quiz from the paper. I usually get about 17 out of 40…






Have added my profile picture. Thats me in the corner up there.. well anyway it’s my foot in a panda slipper. Not actually trying to be mysterious… looked  through my photos and tryed to find one of me but most of them are selfies which are photoshoped so I look vaguely glamorous or pictures where I have clearly been in public so look well dressed and vacant because real photos confuse me…those would be lies. This is more me. You can see that I like pandas and am a reasonably slender female  person. The other person is our dog Merlin. He is a Maltese Poodle X and despite living outside is very spoilt. Currently he has three charges of barking excessively, roaming at large and aggressive behaviour leveled against him with the council from various neighbors. 


Hmmm. Ok I am Eliza. This morning I decided to start a blog which was probably a mistake because I tend not to bother with stuff and also who really want to read my ramblings. But because I stayed up watching Sherlock and clearly have been influenced…

I am so far not impressed only got to step two of set up and adds for $79 deluxe themes appeared. I don’t understand why anybody would actually pay money for that shit…you can get them free.