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 Two days being sick was extremely boring, today I spent five hours at the hospital. Not for me Dad had to see his specialist for his kidney stone, one complaint I certainly never want to have. Actually after today I have decided that pregnancy isn’t for me.Why the hospital decided to combine pregnancy waiting room with all the other clinics is beyond me. Surely at eight months pregnant with two or three children already and in  most cases some utter awful looking pig of a man loitering about the least you deserve is a private waiting room not mixed up with all everyone else. Yesh…I know all the tales about the joy of creation and indeed my own brothers have lovely families abd adore their daughters but I didn’t see much to tempt me today. One fellow spent an hour not even looking at his girlfriend/partner only grunting when  she spoke to him. He looked completely resentful you could just see him thinking…” Fuck I can’t believe she trapped me” So as cute as he was and as smug as she looked I predict their journey together once the baby actually arrives will probably be short.