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7. what to watch..

 Australian TV is soo fricking bad!! Yesh 8pm and the best thing I can find on is RBT. Which I actually like, good thing because I have to watch it most bloody nights. Wonder which repeat it will be this time, although they get sneaky on that show and usually mix up the cases so it starts off with a new person then cuts over to the drunk you have seen three times before. I should just pour a glass of wine and put my new DVD series Endeavor on, I am finding the idea of watching Inspector Morse as a young man works really well. But all British crime show are usually brilliant…Midsomer Murders, Sherlock. Help a lot the actors are usually babes. Can we talk about Freeman and Cumberbatch? Actually lets not or I will be here until tomorrow.Shaun Evans is mega cute so Endeavor is enjoyable. But tonight is the start of the comedy MOM. Don’t like that sort of thing but its previews have been okay so trying to have a look ,15 minutes away.

…Random Breath Test is in and yeah I know Sue is high range and that boy is sober, it’s his aftershave settings off the machine.

Oh Sue’s been drinking white wine has she…wish was drinking white wine. Have a nice bottle I opened last night…